About Us

Native Terrain is a premier eco-system restoration company that uses sound environmental practices to create
cutting edge solutions for the mitigation of natural areas. -Mission Statement

    Native Terrain Restoration Services, Inc. (NTRS) was established in 2003 and specializes in the
completion of environmental restoration construction projects. It is one of the most respected
construction firms in the environmental industry. Drawing upon a broad range of background
experience, NTRS is the best company for completing the construction and maintenance of your
environmental construction project.

    We offer a variety of construction services. Work in the areas of reforestation, wetland mitigation,
storm water management, dune restoration, and stream bank stabilization are among our vast
capabilities. Additionally, we provide the installation of bio-engineering material and sub-aquatic
vegetation. Our company has the technical skills that are necessary to complete your environmental
restoration projects.

    The management team of NTRS is easy to work with and has over twenty years of combined
experience in the environmental construction industry. The background of our management team
includes environmental science, nursery management, equipment operation, and construction
oversight. Our experienced field supervisors and workers demonstrate quality construction
practices which incorporate efficiency. The product of our work is unsurpassed!

    NTRS is equipped to complete a variety of environmental restoration tasks. We are one of the
few companies in the area to have a Chesapeake Bay work boat. Our trucks and trailers make
mobilization expedient.

Our Services